Want the latest scoop about what is going on at LMU?

Check out campus events you may have missed and find out what your fellow students and faculty have to say about a variety of topics.

Though they were picked to finish last in the West Coast Conference, the LMU Men’s soccer team made the NCAA tournament. While LMU lost Thursday’s playoff game, excitement was in the air amongst students.

Do you like TikTok? LMU students give their thoughts on the latest social media craze.

In recent years, the Electoral College has become a controversial topic. Watch LMU students share what they know about the matter and give their opinions.

As President Trump’s impeachment proceedings continue to move forward, LMU students discuss what they know about the issue and what they think the future holds.

Have you heard about LAX’s new rideshare pickup ban? Watch as LMU students give their opinions on the new plan.

How have the recent illnesses and pushbacks on vape products affected your life? LMU first years speak about the vaping culture on campus and the recent measures to ban certain vape products.

LMU men’s basketball is back on the court in preparation for next month’s season opener, and players Joe Quintana and Erik Johansson share how they plan to replicate the success of last year’s 22-win season.

With the recent removal of Community Table at the Lair, students react to the loss of a true LMU dining tradition and say goodbye to live band performances, all you can eat breakfast, and a place to gather with friends.

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