My Imaginary Fred



When the picturesque life of aspiring novelist, Gabriel Danamer, is rocked by infidelity, his spirited imaginary friend from childhood, Fred, crashes back into his reality. In Fred, Gabe soon finds a friend he can confide in; albeit, one that brings out his best and worst traits.

Demands and Dinner Plans

Gabe finds his inspiration, Jasper lays out his conditions, Dezi snags Gabe for a date night, and Fred learns Cantonese.

Dinner at Bernie's

After Gabe goes Catatonic, Fred is left to clean up the mess... but he ends up creating an even bigger one.


After the catastrophe at Bernie's, Gabe is left in a major rut. Fred seems to not be handling anything well at all either. They need each other now more than ever.

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Party Gabe

Driven to prove Fred wrong and secure his social integrity, Gabe barrels into a night of rash decisions despite Fred's constant pleading. 


Fred attempts to save a spiraling Gabe from Gabe and the pair meet a strange new duo.

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