At ROAR Studios, we are always looking for talented people to join our team in creating the best place for shared student media. Whether you're an actor, writer, director, cinematographer, ROAR is the place where you can learn and express yourself freely. Join us!

Available Positions

Student Managers

Managing directors at LMU’s award winning student production house serve as top-level decision-makers across ROAR’s four divisions:  Entertainment, News, Production, and Business.  Managing Directors work in various capacities at the production studio including budgeting, programming, and overseeing content creation.

Student Content Writer-Producers

Students in these positions work together to storyboard, script, and shoot content.  ROAR encourages a script-to-screen approach so that content developers can ensure that their creative vision is not lost.

Student Assistants and Coordinators

Students in these positions are responsible for organizing the equipment, cast, crew, and editors for content shoots.  They manage and schedule our freelancers to work on sets in accordance with the content producer’s needs.


ROAR Studios is proud to introduce our internship programs!  Students wishing to learn aspects of content creation, production, and marketing across all facets of our operation are encouraged to apply.  This is a great opportunity to gain experience in a fast-paced, student-centered workplace.

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